IP Address Lookup: Locate Any IP Address Using Its Address

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Any IP address’s geographic location may be found with the free IP address lookup tool. To learn more about IP addresses, you may search for them online. There is a lot of information about the IP locations available in the search results, including:

    • the city
    • the area/state
    • the zip or postal code
    • the name of the Internet service provider (ISP) in the nation
    • the zone of time
    • Several organisations or users can utilise the information given by IP2Location and IPData to locate the owner of an IPv4 or IPv6 address. Using the IP address lookup tool is the easiest approach to discover how to trace an IP address location.

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Location of IP address data

Finding the location of an IP address can occasionally yield hit or miss results. Every IP geolocation database is not perfect. An IP address search yields results based on a compilation of information from many IP location databases, each of which provides a distinct report. These data variations result in locational information that isn’t always correct. The IP lookup tool displays your IP address location, which might not be your actual location. Moreover, geolocation data is impacted by the following elements:

the IP address registration location; the governing agency (ISP) location; if the user is connecting via a proxy or VPN, whether the user is connecting via a mobile device that includes a hotspot; and whether the user is connecting to an anonymous browser, such as TOR

The IP address location lookup data may indicate Canada as the IP location, for instance, if you are in the US and the IP’s governing agency is in Canada. When using a mobile device to look for an IP address in the northern US, it is not unusual to come across a Canadian IP address. In a similar vein, if your ISP is based in that state, your IP address can appear to be somewhere else.

Combining the information you get from the location finder will help you narrow down the location to the right city, even though the location information you gather might not be entirely accurate.

To look up IP addresses, use an IP address checker tool, an IP location app, or check IP address locations for a mobile device IP address lookup. The public IP address is obtained through these tools, while the private IP address is found through your computer. Remember to check your device’s private IP for Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11, or on an iPad.

Get in touch with the third-party providers mentioned in the lookup tool to change your IP location. The IP address tracker programme also allows you to find up someone’s IP address for free. Report IP abuse if you’ve encountered it rather than attempting to resolve it on your own.